“All or Nothing” – What Me?

Firstly, let’s be clear, we are not talking about an illness here. A/N is a personality-style rather than a diagnosis. It is an approach to life that revolves around a highly developed ability to focus and bring about the successful completion of goals and tasks. Such people are usually very busy and it is busyness […]

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The “All or Nothing” Personality-Style

To achieve in your chosen field, to be focused and have good organizational skills are valued attributes in our society. Such an approach to life is usually both reinforcing and self-sustaining – it is both a motivator and a reinforcer. But sometimes, the balance can get lost and we focus on the outcomes of a […]

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Behavioural Strategies to begin Managing Your Eating

Has your eating started to get away on you? Is it escalating out of control?  Part of regaining control of your eating is to try and establish some guidelines for yourself and get some routine back into your meals and eating patterns. Generally this will vary from person to person so you need to consider […]

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Behavioural Strategies to aid Sleep

Give yourself permission to sleep Try to deal with worries during the day. If you find yourself worrying in bed write your worries down or make a list of priorities for the next day. Some people find setting aside a regular “worry time” during the day helps. Try not to worry about not sleeping – […]

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Factors that may be Interfering with your Sleep

Before we explore how to alleviate sleep difficulties let’s look at some of the factors that may be interfering with your sleep….. The remainder of my sleep posts will look at various issues to consider around your sleep habits as well as some strategies to trial. The suggestions below and in following posts are designed […]

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