happiness compass

Understanding yourself and your feelings

At PsycInsight we can help you discover the reasons behind negative feelings and issues that continue to cause difficulty in your life. Our aim is to enable you to take control of your life and understand the reasons you feel the way you do. By providing realistic and workable options for managing these issues you will gain confidence in your ability to move forward and to create a more accepting and meaningful life. Ultimately this will lead to a more productive and happier day-to-day life.

Therapy Sessions

Below you can find some answers to common questions about our therapy sessions.

Everyone is unique, but once we talk to you and understand your situation we will be able to advise you on our recommended path forward. Apart from the nature of the issue itself, other factors that may contribute to how many sessions you require include:

  • Personal choice (some clients prefer to make weekly appointments whilst other clients prefer to spread sessions out to once every three weeks for example)
  • Other work/life commitments can dictate availability for ongoing regular sessions
  • External support
  • Progress made
  • Changes in life circumstances

We are happy to discuss all of this with you when you contact us.