Values Clarification

Your values are the beliefs that define what is most important to you.

Values guide the choices we make in life.

For example:

  • if you value family you may try to spend extra time at home.
  • if you value career success you may do the opposite

Understanding your values will help you recognize areas of your life need more attention, and what to prioritize in the future

Often we are unsure what our values actually are.

As a starting point consider the possible values from the list below.

Consider each then create a list of 10 that you would consider important for you

Rank them from 1-10 with “1” being the most important item.

Love                                                                                Success

Wealth                                                                            Knowledge

Family                                                                             Power

Morals                                                                            Friends

Calmness                                                                        Free time

Freedom                                                                         Adventure

Fun                                                                                   Variety

Recognition                                                                   Popularity

Nature                                                                            Responsibility


This list is by no means exhaustive … you will probably be able to add many other options.

When we start to live our lives in line with our values we will be happier and more contented….. Worth considering.

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