Motivation and Study – It’s that time of year again….

Are you having trouble getting your work done on time because you just can’t be bothered? Have you lost your enthusiasm and your passion for university? Have you lost sight of your goals? Are you wondering why you’re studying? Lapses or a loss of motivation is a relatively common problem for students. It is also […]

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Therapy Room to Rent

Therapy Room available – Central Christchurch location Fully furnished therapy room available with waiting room facilities and onsite parking. Heatpump for heat and aircon. Warm and welcoming space Central location – Mandeville Street near Riccarton Road. Rates flexible – either hourly or daily. Availability: After hours – 5pm onwards , weekends and Friday afternoons. Location:  110 Mandeville […]

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PsycInsight voted as one of the 5 Best Psychologists in Christchurch by TopReviews 5 Centres for the Best Psychologists in Christchurch By Anders Wilson At one point or another, we get overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. If you are unable to make amends with those feelings, we have rounded up the best psychologists in Christchurch for you. A clinical psychologist can not only talk you out of […]

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Men and therapy: It can and does work well

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest challenges for guys and “doing therapy” is making the decision to go in the first place. Many men are sceptical that “talking about stuff” can be of benefit. In part, this is due to learning experiences that may have promoted the message that men cope and just get […]

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Grief- Part 2

Complicated Grief Complicated grief is a general term for describing when people adjust poorly to a loss. This is very difficult to define, as there is no standard which limits what is normal or healthy grief. Below are some warning signs which may suggest that a person is not coping well with grief and may […]

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Grief – Part 1

Uncomplicated Grief Grief and loss are part of life and is experienced by most of us at some point in life. People deal with grief in many different ways, and not necessarily going through a predictable group of ‘stages,’ although some do.   How people grieve can depend on the circumstances of the loss (e.g., sudden […]

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