Motivational Difficulties @ Work?

Having Trouble with Motivation??? Have you lost your enthusiasm and your passion for work? Have you lost sight of your goals? Are you wondering why you’re doing what you do? Are you having trouble getting your work done on time because you just can’t be bothered? Motivational Difficulties at Work Lapses or a loss of […]

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Values Clarification

Your values are the beliefs that define what is most important to you. Values guide the choices we make in life. For example: if you value family you may try to spend extra time at home. if you value career success you may do the opposite Understanding your values will help you recognize areas of […]

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Values vs Goals

Values are different from Goals. Put crudely, goals can be achieved whereas values are more like directions that we want to head in. For example:  We might have the value of being a good parent which may require a lifetimes‘s effort, and the specific achievable goal of getting our children to school on time. Or […]

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Nightmares and Possible Strategies to Manage them

Even occasional nightmares can be terrifying for all of us. However, there are a number of things that you can do to deal with nightmares when they do occur. Reassure yourself immediately by turning the lights on. Bring yourself back to the present and familiar. Do this by looking at the familiar things in your […]

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Men and therapy: It can and does work well

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest challenges for guys and “doing therapy” is making the decision to go in the first place. Many men are sceptical that “talking about stuff” can be of benefit. In part, this is due to learning experiences that may have promoted the message that men cope and just get […]

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What Maintains the A/N approach to life, the universe and everything?

How we approach life depends on a number of factors. This individual cocktail is blended from our genetics, the way our family operated, internal and external expectations plus the pay offs or costs we encountered over time. Thus, what we bring along with us as we encounter differing situations will impact the choices we make. […]

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