The Importance of Values

Establishing your values is part of how we build identity.

Clarifying what your core values are will help give your life direction.

Below are some examples of some values you may or may not hold….

  • Family
  • Marriage / Couple / Intimacy
  • Parenting
  • Friendships / Social life
  • Education / Personal growth & development
  • Career / Employment
  • Recreation / Fun / Leisure
  • Spirituality
  • Citizenship / Environment / Community
  • Health / Physical wellbeing

As you can see from the list of examples our values reflect what we find meaningful in life.

They are what you care about, deep down, and what you consider to be important.

Everybody’s values are different, and they can change over time. They reflect how we want to engage with the world, with the people around us, and with ourselves.

In my next post I will look at the difference between values and goals ……  Check it out

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