The “All or Nothing” Personality-Style

To achieve in your chosen field, to be focused and have good organizational skills are valued attributes in our society. Such an approach to life is usually both reinforcing and self-sustaining – it is both a motivator and a reinforcer. But sometimes, the balance can get lost and we focus on the outcomes of a project to the exclusion of other important aspects within our lives. The All or Nothing (A/N) personality-style comes with a strong internal drive that often sees individuals push themselves hard but this determination may actually be a double edged sword – a strength but also a vulnerability.

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A paradox – the behaviours and approaches that help you achieve at high levels may also restrict your potential, due to negative effects that flow from being so engaged and busy. This can be via health related problems, anxiety, feelings of stress or lowered mood.

People who live this personality-style are not restricted to a particular age range or gender. Although we often see such achievement-oriented behaviours within the business world, this way of approaching life is not just by executives. The high levels of dedication, focus and personal standards can be seen within the sporting arenas (professional and amateur), musicians and dancers but also by the mums of this world. This latter group are adept at focusing on the needs of the family to the point where they have no time or energy left for themselves or their own interests.

There is nothing wrong with being hard-working, focused or keen to excel. This can bring about personal and also tangible rewards. However, if balance is lost, then you may begin to pay a price you weren’t expecting. Hopefully, by understanding what’s behind this personality-style, you may be able to achieve your goals without sacrificing aspects of your personal life, relationships or other things you value.

Over the next few posts, the team at PsycInsight will bring you further information about this potentially challenging approach to life. This may help you to decide if adjustments are necessary to make your life as meaningful and rewarding as possible.

Blog by Mike McKinney (PsycInsight)

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