Unhelpful Thinking …. Part one. All- Nothing Thinking

Underlying thinking patterns affect and steer our behaviours often without our full awareness.

Often unhelpful or “faulty” thinking patterns underlie maladaptive behavioural patterns . Over the next few blogs I will explore some of these unhelpful thought patterns.

By becoming more aware of these underlying thoughts we are then more able to address them and make changes to our behaviours as well as the way we feel.thinking

The first unhelpful thinking patterns relates  to the issue of perfectionism ( the issue I have recently been posting about — check out my last few blogs if you haven’t seen these already)

This thinking pattern is often referred to as

“All-Nothing” Thinking.

Today I will simply introduce this thinking style

Some examples of All-Nothing Thinking are:

“If I’m not perfect I have failed”

“Either I do it right/perfectly or not at all”

I will be posting more about this over the next few posts so……. make sure you stay tuned………




Andrea Mulligan

 BSc (Hons), MSc, Registered Psychologist


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