To Diarise Sleep or Not??

Whether monitoring sleep and consciously logging it will help you establish good sleep patterns remains a contentious issue. What it comes down to essentially is a personal choice. Some people find logging sleep creates increased anxiety around sleep generally whilst others find it a very helpful tool. You will quickly figure out what camp you fall into.

The following format is a fairly simple and easy way in which to do this.

Complete the log each day. Answer the first 8 questions when you go the bed and the remainder when you wake the following morning.

Mood level during the day 0-10 (10=happy)              
Fatigue level during the day 0-10 (10=high)              
Naps taken during the day – how long?              
Activity during day  0-10  (10=very active)              
Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol during day/evening?              
What did I do just before bed?              
What did I do in bed? (read, sex etc)              
What time did I put lights out?              
How many mins before I fell asleep?              
What time did I wake up?              
Number of time I woke in  night?              
Number of hours slept?              
How did I feel when I woke in the morning 0-10 (10= most rested)              


Not only are you monitoring sleep but you are also tuning into the behaviours around your sleep

Fitbits and other sleep monitoring devices are able to monitor restful episodes in bed but they don’t really provide the valuable behavioural components that are so linked in with ensuring good sleep routines and patterns.

So… if you’re game give it a go……..

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