Factors that may be Interfering with your Sleep

Before we explore how to alleviate sleep difficulties let’s look at some of the factors that may be interfering with your sleep….. The remainder of my sleep posts will look at various issues to consider around your sleep habits as well as some strategies to trial. The suggestions below and in following posts are designed […]

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Grief – Part 2

Complicated Grief Complicated grief is a general term for describing when people adjust poorly to a loss. This is very difficult to define, as there is no standard which limits what is normal or healthy grief. Below are some warning signs which may suggest that a person is not coping well with grief and may […]

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Grief – Part 1

Uncomplicated Grief Grief and loss are part of life and is experienced by most of us at some point in life. People deal with grief in many different ways, and not necessarily going through a predictable group of ‘stages,’ although some do.   How people grieve can depend on the circumstances of the loss (e.g., sudden […]

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Anxiety and Your Thoughts

I have talked about anxiety in a general sense in other blogs you can find here on PsycInsight. This post it more specifically about the role of our thinking in our experience of anxiety.  Essentially anxiety is fueled by negative thinking. On the flip side healthy thinking can help you prevent or control anxiety. Negative […]

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Distraction and Breathing Techniques for Anxiety Management

Distraction techniques There are three basic distraction techniques, refocusing, physical activity, and mental activity.  Try out each technique and select the one that suits you best.  Practice your desired distraction technique whenever you get the chance.  It generally takes a few minutes before feeling a decrease in anxiety. 1. Refocusing Focus your attention on what […]

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How is Anxiety Treating You?

Anxiety Overview Feeling worried or nervous is a normal part of everyday life. Everyone frets or feels anxious from time to time. Mild to moderate anxiety can help you focus your attention, energy, and motivation. If anxiety is severe, you may have feelings of helplessness, confusion, and extreme worry that are out of proportion with […]

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